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Big mistakes homeowners make

when remodeling their home....

Buying a House

Buying low-cost materials to save money....

Your home is worth investing in! One of the biggest mistakes that most homeowners make today is when it comes to any home renovation they try to get the best deal possible when they buy materials or hire a laborer. The bottom line is, you're going to get what you pay for. If you plan on replacing flooring, room remodels, home additions,

adding a deck, installing doors or windows, building a garage or whatever remodeling project you may have in mind, please consider the long term effects of choosing low-cost materials. If you don't have the money you need to tackle a home remodeling project and you can't quite afford it just yet do yourself a favor and wait until you do. You will be thankful you went the extra mile when the product was properly installed and you get the most out of the remodel. This is when you truly get the bang for your buck!

Carpenter Measuring Wood

How to make sure you're hiring the right company for the job!

Hire a dependable, reliable and honest company to conduct your remodeling projects and skip the lowest bid process. When did it ever become an ordinary practice among homeowners that the best way to hire someone is to get 3 bids and go with the lowest one? This is not the best way to look at a remodeling project for your home and is by no means a good idea. You should not compare prices but instead, compare contractors! If you believe you will get apples-to-apples pricing this is not the case on average.

 If your idea of comparison is to get the lowest price then be prepared to get the cheapest products and possibly substantially poor service. If you need someone to lay hardwood floor, the cheapest bidding contractor just may give you the lowest quality product and lack the true skills needed to install the flooring. So, in turn, you will have a poorly installed wood flooring and more problems than you could have planned for. At that point, you're really out all that you spent on your project to begin with and now you must start over again. So a $4,000 project can cost you an extra $10,000 and it's only been a year. Remodeling a home is not the same as buying a car. With a vehicle, you can shop around to different dealerships to get the best price on the exact same car. With a car, you know the product you are buying because every dealership sells similar vehicles only different brands and at a different price. In this case its the price your negotiating on for a certain product. 

  Let's say you're in the market to hire a painter to paint your home. At that point, there is no typical model to compare. One painter uses Behr, one uses Sherwin Williams and the other uses what's on sale at Wal-mart. Each painter also has a different quality of service, professionalism and expertise so you will get a different experience with each. One painter may use quality paint and use 2 coats, another may use a generic brand, give only one coat and skip the unseen areas. The last may give you the cheapest price but you have to buy the paint and he may show up when he gets around to it and only keep 3-4 hour work days, 2-3 days a week, leaving a mess for you to clean up, playing loud music and uses very loud obscene language and never wears a shirt while your children are playing in the yard. Some valid concerns to strongly consider is who do you feel comfortable with conducting your job? Are they insured? Will they be professional? Do they have the right tools? Will they leave you with a lasting remodel? Do they offer a warranty on their work? Shopping for the low-cost bid is asking for disaster! Remodeling is not a project with a fixed price. Its a combination of product, customer service, skill, knowledge, craftsmanship, experience, and trustworthiness! Anyone can quote you a good price but the end result will end in regret. If you haven't worked in home improvement, you can't begin to understand everything behind the scenes. You can rest assured when you choose A&B Renovations you will get what you are paying for and a project you can be proud of! We stand by our work and give every client a 2-year warranty on the work we perform! Quality is the standard and professionalism is key! You'll feel better about what you're paying for when you hire the right company and not the best deal!


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