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Have you started thinking about preparing your home for winter? Summer is nearly over and fall is about to set in. It's only August and the smell of fall is already in the air. We are never ready for summer to end but it always does so what do you do to get prepared for the colder months? We can help you to get a jump start and get you better prepared by winterizing your home to ensure that your energy bills stay down, your roof is sturdy in case of a snowstorm, your pipes are protected from freezing temperatures, any chimneys/fireplaces are in working order, gutters are cleaned and all precautions throughout your home are taken.

In the mountains of western N.C. there is a community of people who leave their homes vacant in the winter months and retreat to warmer climates. When you leave your home vacant for the winter you can tend to be anxious about the condition of your home while you are away. By having us winterize, we will ensure that your home is ready and prepared for a winter freeze. If you happen to fall in this category you would greatly benefit from winterizing your home. We take care of all the details! Visit our website or give us a call! Let us take the headache and give you peace of mind this winter!



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